Darrel Higham Meets Jittery Jack - CD

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ARTIST: Darrel Higham and Jittery Jack
ALBUM TITLE: Darrel Higham Meets Jittery Jack
FORMAT: Compact Disc
PACKAGING: jewel case
LABEL: Foot Tapping Records - FT167
MUSICIANS: Darrel Higham, Guitars • Jittery Jack, vocals • Pete Pritchard, upright bass • Les Curtis, drums
FILE UNDER: danceable, energetic 50's Rock n Roll

• Rockabilly Rave • Red Hot Mama • Should You Change Your Mind • Another Barroom Fight • Dozen Red Roses • Christine • Big City Blues • Tell Me • It Must Be Right • Frankie's Back In Town • You Can't Touch • The Remedy •

"There have been formidable team-ups all throughout history. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Lennon and McCartney. Abbot and Costello. Now we can add another impressive duo to this list: Jittery Jack and Darrel Higham.

Two titans of rockabilly excitement: one energetic front man from Boston, MA (singer/rhythm guitarist for East Coast 50's Rock 'n' Roll superstars, the Raging Teens) and the other, an accomplished British guitar master of both classic and modern rockabilly (The Bearcats, Kat Men, Imelda May, amongst many.. plus future projects with Robert Plant and Jools Holland!)

Both gentlemen are currently at the top of their musical game: Mr. Jack having recently released seminal albums on his own Annabelle label and headlining major festivals while Mr. Hingham has recordings topping the charts in both Britian and Ireland. What they've created here is a powerhouse of a party platter, sure to please all jivers, strollers, boppers and 50's music fans from Cambridge (USA) to Plymouth (UK.)

When Jittery Jacks boast-iferous vocals are strung atop Darrel Higham's uncannily animated guitar licks, you get a sum that's more than the equal of its thrilling parts. Darrel's incendiary six strings light the rockin' fuse and Jack's explosive songs blast it all sky high, straight towards planet bop! You hold a fantastic rockin' record, front-to-finish full of everything that makes rockabilly music the greatest music in the world!

To quote a wise guy, er, I mean a wise man, "Drinking, smoking, cars and girls: the best four things I can think of in this world!"

If you like fun like these guys like fun, then you'll always remember the time when Jittery Jack met Darrel Higham!
- DJ Del Villarreal"